Metal Roofing in Richardson TX, Plano, Wylie, and all the Surrounding Areas

Roofing and Remodeling of Dallas specializes in metal roofing and can help you with roofing projects in Frisco, Lewisville, McKinney TX, Plano, Richardson TX or Wylie. They are a local roofing and home improvement company and they been around a long time. That means they successfully transformed many roofs in Frisco, Lewisville, McKinney TX, Plano, Richardson TX or Wylie.  

 Metal Roofing in Richardson TX, Plano, Wylie

There are many materials that can be used for roofing and metal is a strong contender. One of the big benefits of metal roofing in longevity. A metal roof can easily last for fifty years or more. Metal roof systems are also resistant to corrosion, cracking and can withstand hurricane force winds. Low maintenance is another of metal roofing. 


A roof is important for protection and safety. Metal roofs are durable and won’t be blown off by a gale force wind. Metal is not flammable and therefore fire resistant. These positive factors could even help you qualify for lower home insurance premiums. 


Metal roofs contain a high percentage of recyclable materials which makes them eco-friendly. Metal reflects sunlight outwards which helps to keep your home cooler on hot summer days. You air conditioning does not need to work so hard and this can save you money on energy bills. 


A new roof will also improve the curb appeal and value of your home. So there are many good reasons to consider metal as a material of choice for your new or replacement roofing project. When it comes to roof replacement you want o deal with a recommended and trusted local contractor. Roofing and Remodeling of Dallas are well known roofing contractors and they have helped others with metal roofing in Frisco, Lewisville, McKinney TX, Plano, Richardson TX and Wylie and they can help you as well.